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'“Politicians!” spit those of us who understand what is going on. The rest turn back to their reality television shows.'

I resemble that remark, but the only station I get is Fox, which means that if I want background noise, I get to listen to American Idol. The early parts of American Idol are testaments to the influence of the self-esteem generation. That a person could get up in front of others and screech out a song and believe to their core that they have a chance of being the next Idol makes one reconsider just how malleable to populace might be. Memories of a "Brave New World" come fluttering through my braind -- "62,400 repetitions make one Truth...."

You read these stories thinking that the author was over exaggerating an idea only to realize that it wasn't.


Re: politicians


Despite the rather rapid erosion of trained and dedicated Traffic Police in the UK they still seem to be able to rustle up a squad when someone 'important' is around.

I live in the Midlands - for those au fait with the Geography I am very close to Junction 24 of the M1 and the East Midlands Airport.

A couple of years ago around mid day I was toddling around the roundabout above the motorway that is Junction 24 when I observed that a Police Motorcycle person (a rare sighting these days) had parked his machina across the roundabout and was holding up the traffic. Glancing around I saw other motorcyclists doing the same things at other access points.

We waited.

About 2 minutes later a high speed convoy of motorcycle outriders, a couple of black Mercedes Limos with blacked out windows, a coupld black Range Rovers with blacked out windows, some lesser cars and them another group of Police Motorcyclists sped past and disappeared to whereaver they were going.

They had come off the mototrway so I guessed they were heading for the airport.

The only thing I could find reported in the local paper that might possibly have given cause to such an overt display of superiority was that some secondary Royal (as I recall, but it might have been a politico) had been visiting a local business at about that time for reasons I don't recall.

The business in question specialised in maintaining vehicles for the police.

I does not seem to take much these days to encourage people to showoff how important they like to think they are.