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I can feel the pain emanating from the monitor.

I fear that I will have to augment the education of my children greatly, since the availability of "teachers" is dwindling so rapidly. We have a group of teachers who decided to "ban" legos in a school here in the Pacific Northwest.

They were performing an experiment with children. They started from the premise the resource distribution was unfair and let the children go with it. They were awunder at how a child could come up with a "fairer" means of playing the game while being watched by their teacher.

The "Wealth of Nations" was lost on these teachers. They see $39Billion in profit, but fail to see $350 Billion in Labor, Equipment (which is more labor), and services (more labor), that came with it. They fail to recognize that the reason they had "Hefty" bins of legos is because Hefty started manufacturing LARGE quantity of bins that made them affordable to the peons and LEGOS started making even more blocks to be enjoyed. The tools they use to teach a lesson about ownership are the exact product of what they despise. My son now has 8 Bionicles, 8 Lego Knights, 10 different lego sets and another 2,000 bricks he "inherited" from one of my pre-child purchases (600 piece bins on sale for $5).

Oh my god. The guy who owns Lego has an larger portion of the Wealth of the world than I do, but my son has a unbelievable selection of buildable toys. I wouldn't want to buy the stuff myself, but it was the inundation of birthdays and christmas that did it. $10 sets of legos are easy buys for friends and family of a 5 year old child. It takes No time for a house to suddenly have the riches of midas in toys (at least seen from my historical perspective).

I can't completely blame our teachers. They want the best for the children. They want th best for the world. The problem is that they have all been insulated from reality their entire lives. Now they are in power (and being a teacher is a position of power, if not as instantly destructive as the President's finger), and they are influencing a receptive group of minds, that will inevitably take us down the path of Tyranny. That is unless we can keep a sub culture of realists going.