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Global Warming Debate

"Ignoring the temperature of the earth is like ignoring the fever of baby"

Here's a bloody idiotic analogy. One of the great problems of healthcare these days is that fact that any fever in a baby results in people hopping in their cars and racing to the Emergency Room. A lot of what a doctor has to do is placate anxious parents. You pay attention to a fever (and dose it with acetaminofen and ibuprofen) but you do not get excited about it. Fevers happen in babies. Most of the time, you don't worry. You make sure that the baby pees, drinks, poops, and cries (a sure sign of breathing). If anything else starts to go wrong (not peeing is a good sign of dehydration), then you start to take action. "

Re: Global Warming Debate

Well, a baby is an item where it is easy to get a reliable temperature, and more importantly we know what temperature the baby is supposed to be. In the case of the Earth, neither condition applies. Bad analogy, should have been called at source, but I suppose it will fly on for years.