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Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

There is an alternative secret device, known only to the public. It goes by the name of a green leaf.

Re: Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

Green leaf gives us tall trees which in turn give us firewood.... ****, that bloody miraculous.

Where's the pope.

Re: Re: Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

If such a device were created then we would have to kill all the trees to maximize our energy creation potential.

Would this be another example of the enginasters in action. The inability to draw a box around their machine and wonder where the inputs are going to come from. Or is this just a great way for me to dangle participles.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

Here we are, a solution mentioned today on Jerry Pournelle's site;

On the face of it it seems neat. Power station CO2 into algae tanks, add sunlight and get something out which can be processed into diesel.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

Interesting and, on the face of it, about the only biodiesel production system with enough gain to be a usefully net producer of energy. When you analyse biodiesel system based on conventional crops most have small or negative (sometimes quite large) negative returns.
No mention of other nutrients needed or processing/transport energy costs between algae and biodiesel tho'.
Of course if its power-station based using such algae produces to replace smoke-stack scrubbers gives you a running start. In that application even going down to a net zero financial return relative to the cost of the replaced scrubbers would be worth it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Turning Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

Everyone seems to accept that bio-diesel is a great idea.
Of course, the starting point, the "Big Idea" and propaganda hook was the idea of converting all that McDonalds chip fat into fuel.
Once having planted that idea it is an easy step to extend the benign concept such that everyone believes bio-diesel is about as eco friendly as you can get, without actually thinking it through.
Sadly, we utilise a lot of the landscape for food production. This means that if we want to eat and have bio-diesel, we need more landscape and that means fewer Orang Outangs (to name but one cuddly species).
Now here is another big question for the greenies... should bio-diesel be organic?