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Re: Re: Re: Re: Solar Shade

I just recently discovered that I was a liberal (according to the classical definition). Further, I also just discovered that over the last 40-50 years scores of words have been mangled into other meanings. Boortz ( discusses the mangling of Racist from "one who believes in genetic superiority" into "white man who says something hurtful about a person of a different skin color".

I don't speak the languages that would cause you the most heartache -- text message, ebonics, or democrat. Getting a democrat to recognize that we don't live in a democracy takes more than a little patience. As you may have seen in the papers Bush is a fascist (yet somehow all the papers are able to talk about him as they choose and we haven't just turned the great sand dunes of the middle east into a glass playground). You know most of the others-- Carbon dioxide at 380ppm is a deadly poison, Al Gore should be referred to as "his holiness", and if a hollywoodite says something then it must be true.

Lot's of help, eh. Well, I am not a socialite. I try to talk positively about the world (reflecting the views held dear on this site) and am perceived as negative. You would be ill advised to take advice from me on how to interact with others.

I still want to know how Liberal went from meaning "Free to do what you want and be responsible for what you do" to "Free to get anything you want for free and not be responsible for what you have".


Re: Solar Shade

Have you visited the Number Watch Vocabulary?

Re: Re: Solar Shade


Yes I have visited before, though not recently I have to admit. (Until just now ...)

I remembered the gist of the vocabulary content but it seems to me there may be a further twist of meaning developing in northern America. Asking Brad seems like a good way to thoughtful up to the minute response.

Given the way UK Govt. Plc seems more than happy to hand over UK citizens to the US legal system at the slightest pretext I have no wish to risk upsetting anyone over there. Not that the opportunity to do so is likely, but then the way the world is at the moment who knows what might upset who?