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Re: Re: "A certain environmental editor"

The other aspect of "too cheap to meter" is that it is often misinterpreted as "Too cheap to charge," i.e. Free (as in beer).


p.s. In boy scouts, my troop had a guy we called "Captain Obvious". He had a knack for pointing out simple things that everyone thought we plainly visible. Hindsight tells me that his observations were useful solely becaue they were obvious. Sometimes repeating the obvious sometimes gets people to remember what the obvious is. (i.e. CO2 is a trace needed by plants to make Oxygen; A warmer planet doesn't have as much water tied up at the poles; a warmer planet typically will have longer growing seasons for agriculture). I expound on this because my statement above is probably obvious to everyone here, but it never hurts to restate the obvious... This ps is an example of why I will likely never be elected to public office. Explanation does not keep people awake.

pps. I was known in Boy Scouts as "VacMan". I blame this name on my parents (most specifically my father). They used the "clean plate" method of portion control AND my father had a nasty habit of eating off my plate.

Re: "A certain environmental editor"

Ah, censorship in the raw and in public.

Perhaps the person in question has a conscience ... a long stretch of the imagination I grant you but you never know.

Somewhat cowardly though - I wonder if his editor knows?

Interestingly I posted an early note of support to the views of the second writer mentioned but it seems to have been 'lost in the post'. Or they are slow on the background checking today? Or I forgot to dot and I or cross a T in the 'you must provide this information accurately' boxes. Perhaps they are slightly more suspicious than even the US immigration people.

When will these newspapers implement systems that work I wonder?