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Re: Stern Review

You pose several problems for me.
First, I don’t do economics. I drew this to the attention of Time Worstall, who does.
Second, and this is a little secret between us, I don’t like numbers. When I was in the first form at school my parents were told that I shouldn’t do science, as I was no good at mathematics. That was by the careers master, who taught French. At that stage mathematics was all arithmetic. When it turned to algebra and geometry I raced away. I still can’t do sums without making silly errors, but I am not bad at higher mathematics.
Third, I prefer not to acknowledge the existence of that man. A couple of years ago, I tried to deal with him fairly and quoted him and his source in the argument about DDT, but then he started a campaign about me writing to his site under a pseudonym. He would not accept denials. The when it became clear that it was not I, he claimed it was one of my “glove puppets”. He finally, and ungraciously, admitted he was wrong and then changed the subject. His bile is so tangled and illogical that it is unpleasant to deal with and there is no reward in doing so.