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6 in 10 Brits break the law.

Included on the list is "Padding out an insurance form to get more money!"

I don't know how it is in England, but if you want to get compensated for your loss here in the US, you are almost mandated to do this. I recently was rear ended by a sleeping driver.

The adjusters worked with me as well as they could, but they have all been bound up by numbers and policies. In order for me to get monies for time lost (I couldn't get to work that day, had to accompany my vehicle to a drop off point, contact insurance agents, blah blah), I would have to file a bodily injury claim. The only injury I sustained was emotional (I had to go through the 5 stages of grief). The agent begged me to file a bodily injury claim so that I could get paid for my incidentals because she could not pay for it from the liability side of the company.

Yet another study that brings exciting numbers into play that is total bull****. I am surprised however that they didn't include "exceeded speed limit" in the questions. Had they done that, the number probably would have exceeding 90%.

The title should probably have been something more along the lines of "Excessive numbers of laws leads to excessive law breaking!"

Re: Criminals

I think you have grasp the stupidity of the situation admirably Brad.

My daily paper seemed to focus on paying workmen in cash.

I was not aware that was illegal.

Should the workmen fail to declare the income of course it could be that they are breaking the tax laws. But then that is simply a Government fiscal law (rather than a law for running a respectful and peaceful society) and the Government is not too well known for not breaking its own rules when it suits it to.

Or ecologists, decrying air travel but flying off to unneccessary 'conferences', Gore like, at every opportunity. (Or so it seems ...)


Re: Criminals


The real question for those of us who have to drive on Washington roads: How do you tell the difference from a "sleeping driver" and a typical Washington driver?


Re: Re: Criminals

I'm "told" that in the US there are many more people in gaol for environmental infractions than for injuring people in the workplace. I believe the latter is taken care of by Workman's Comp. Funny old world.