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Re: Steorn - Perpetual Energy

A rather unsurprising update to mey previous post - Steorn's machine appears to have hit 'technical difficulties'. Story here


Re: Re: Steorn - Perpetual Energy

Surely this is a great shame?

I for one would be quite happy to cough money into Eire (My grandmother was from Cork) to obtain boundless energy rather than deliver freely flowing cash to the mainly German owned energy companies supplying the major part of the England at the moment.

The idea of being able to make a symbolic gesture in the direction of St. Gore also appeals.

Whilst the Steorn problems are not completely unexpected somewhere at the back of my mind I feel this forceful desire that the technology might work, even if only for perverse reasons.

Oh well, never mind.


Re: Steorn - Perpetual Energy

Oh my, a machine that is able to obtain boundless energy out of nothing becomes all hot and bothered by the intense heat from a few lamps. Who would have thunk?

Re: Re: Steorn - Perpetual Energy

Then there is the problem Clarke discusses in 3001, abundant energy of this sort will result in more warming, not less. I found strawberries on monday 4 lbs for $4. I bought 12 lbs of strawberries. At $3.99/lb, I find myself reluctant by 1 lb. I can't say that what I did was uneconomical though, 8 lbs went into 20 jars of jam.
I love strawberry jam, but I won't jam at $3.99/lb, when I can pick blackberries in my backyard.

If power becomes too cheap to meter (which would be the likely outcome of such a device), then there is never any worry about leaving lightbulbs burning, saving gas, etc.

Re: Re: Steorn - Perpetual Energy

just for interest, steorn have a fun section.
note the many young and female members of their forum; they have obviously reversed the rule that 90% of engineers are male as well !