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Re: Earth Smaller than previously thought

Let me put forth a slightly analogy.

The Tacoma Narrows bridge is getting a big brother. The two "expansion" joints were recently put in place. There was some hubbub over these two critical pieces of the bridge because no one bothered to talk to the Department Of Transportation about them. They were bigger than the roads would allow to be transported. A truly exciting example of the fact that every project seems to miss some important element.

The key though is Expansion and Contraction. I suppose if you were able to freeze the earth to a moment in time, you might be able to calculate the diameter to some degree of precision, but diameter of the earth probably varies by more than the change.

Of course this doesn't keep 30 people employed.

I do see another "Day after Tomorrow" plot here though:

A group of dedicated scientist measuring the earths diameter discover that the earth is expanding(contracting) at such a rate that the force of gravity is decreasing (increasing) such that the atmosphere will begin to expand and get lost ( or contract and compress). We will all then be suffocated (or burned up). Nicholas Cage will make a heroic attempt to squeeze the globe together by detonating 30 nuclear devices equidistant around the planet to recompress the planet (place in the core to cause the planet to reexpand).

Dramatic music.

fade to black.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Earth Smaller than previously thought

It all comes down to absolute versus relative positioning. (Of course, all positioning is ultimately relative). For a rig, you are right - if the reservoir is smaller than 10m you have no business drilling it. Where RTK comes in is for high precision over long distanses - bridges and the like - where it is much cheaper, quicker and easier than conventional techniques.