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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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What were you smoking?

Oh thats right.. a pipe!

I don't find the clown face that freaky.

Maybe, just maybe, some people of an almost irrational persuation will read her page and link to yours and they will be saved.

Being saved doesn't do much good though. It makes it easier to eat a bacon and mayonaise sandwich on white bread, but you just become more aware of the silliness going on at all levels, which means you have to get good at rationalizing to remain happy in our unrational world.


Re: Tribute

Having taken a quick browse through recent parts of the site I can't decide whether the thing is basically a worthwhile thing for people coming from sad childhoods and seeking support and help or if the writer's parent(s) made an excellent assessment at birth and metaphorically legged it.

The answer might help the undecided make up their minds about numerology I guess ...

On the other hand, as Brad alludes to, any publicity is (apparently) good publicity.


Re: Re: Tribute

"Happy Birthday" and I raise a glass to you!!

Gary K.