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Man Made Global Warming


However did you stay in business. Walking in and telling your clients the truth. My gosh man, with just a little bit of misdirection, you could have bilked the pair of them for much more.

Of course sleeping may have become difficult on such a modus operandi.


Re: Man Made Global Warming- Error by Archibald

Actually, the Archibald paper quoted here contains an error: the link to the satellite data points to the MSU dataset for the lower troposhere, which clearly shows a stronger warming trend without the downturn evident from the graph in the paper.

The graph in the paper possibly refers to data for the mid-troposhere
where a lesser warming trend is less impressive given that above this layer (stratosphere) greenhouse-induced cooling is expected and eident to some degree.

It does not help the paper and the sceptical cause when the first graphic, first reference, first link of a paper can be shown up to be in error and quite misleading.

Re: Re: Man Made Global Warming- Error by Archibald

Too kind of you Herbert to inform us about Archibald's mistake. Dare one ask what Archibald said when you informed him of his error? Was it "Thanks, I never noticed, I'll correct my paper immediately." or perhaps he said. "You're wrong, for the following reasons...." Do tell us because you sound such a polite person who never try to cast aspersions on another person's work without first checking with them.

Re: Re: Man Made Global Warming- Error by Archibald


When you write "the Archibald paper quoted here ", where does "here" refer to?

I may have missed something but it does not seem to be a reference to Brad's post and I'm not sure what it may connect back to on the main Numberwatch site so I would be grateful for some pointers.