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Re: Re: Hot weather increases the risk of suicide

Since the weather is getting hotter -> More people spending time indoors to avoid the heat -> more people using air conditioners -> air conditioners have been linked to a Legionaires disease -> MUST KILL MYSELF so I don't have to experience the symptoms.

Well that is the next step isn't it. We have correlation, we must figure out what the reason is.

We (as budding epidemiologists) can't sit back and look at the data and say "Oops, that looks like a non number let's find something different". NO we must leverage the data we have and make it pay! Get with the program! All we have to do is convince the government that it will increase their tax base to prevent people from offing themselves. Since we have tied to to Global Warming also, we can double our funding.

Re: Re: Re: Hot weather increases the risk of suicide

Re JMW's comment: "In the UK is there some correspondence with budget time? School exams? Prime Minister's holidays? Why pick on the weather?"

Repeat after me: "error = random + bias + confounding"
and the biggest is most likely to be....?"