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Re: Miracle cures

Mostly it is journalism for sake of filling the pages. When you can't fill the paper with stories of Bush brilliant plans to turn the US into a Tyranny, you have to find something else. Our gas prices have fallen from a peak of almost $3.50/gallon down to $2.75. Can't report falling prices, No sales value.

The journalist is forced by his editor to make the story interesting.

Let's call it pragmatic journalism. Honesty and integrity are nice, but when it comes time to buy a loaf of bread it is really nice to have a paycheck.

I do my best to be honest with my boss, but there is a point where I say "What do you want?" and then just do it. I may not put that activity on my resume, but I am comfortable knowing that I provided what my boss asked.

I debate the slippery slope above on a regular basis. I just hope I don't miss the boat in the end. ... Oh well.