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Re: Re: Reducing wasted electricity consumption.

I don't much like waste. But this issue is not about waste, nor even climate change. As I suppose most readers here know, it's about the desire and ability of some people in public life to control and curtail the activities of the rest of us. They should be challenged. Every time they spout their rubbish they should be pulled up for their attempt to intrude on the freedom of people to live their lives as they wish, subject to the constraint of reasonable laws. It ought to be the role of the media to do the challenging, but most of them appear to be complicit.

And as for those taxes on legal activities to discourage sinful things, like driving, flying, eating meat, smoking, etc etc? How is it any different from pimping, to tax sin. If it is to produce an income (other taxes will be reduced, OF COURSE) then the tax must be set at a level NOT to discourage the sin. If the thing is really sinful, ban it or make the tax punitive, then we can debate it. But a few quid on a flight? A revenue measure only, as anyone can see.

Rant over, for now.