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Re: Energy savings? What energy savings?

Grant, maybe we should ask any Cuban not a member of the Communist Party.

Re: Re: Energy savings? What energy savings?

It occurs to me that we could enforce Cuban holidays to prepare people for the life they will need to adapt to. Though I would guess that the concepts of the Cuban would not travel well to, say, Manchester on a wet Wednesday.

The sustainability factor is easy to understand of course. For example when new things are in short supply - cars are probably the most evident items in Cuba - one finds way to keep them going since replacement is not an option. A 50 to 60 year car life is pretty remarkable really considering they are for real use rather than hobby use.

I could see the EU liking that concept but not the safety angle or static to "getting worse" CO2 emissions.

But overall setting Cuba as the yardstick might be a good thing. At least we can then turn to the 'authorites' and point out that they are setting standards for living that are unnecessarily lower than Cuba's when they get serious about social destruction. I'll give that about 5 years if the current direction continues.