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Get Well Soon

John, the recent silence was a little worrying. I hope you feel better before long.

A little encouragement:

A few months ago I suggested this would be the year the air began to escape from the global warming balloon. Judging by some of the comment around the world, I may be right, though lead time (or do I mean lags?) will certainly be longer, especially given the nature of AGW as religion which you have described so well.

Noticeable was the shift of emphasis by the Conservative Party shortly before their recent conference, as they scramble to try and achieve unity. If David Cameron gives himself a period of discreet silence on the environment for a month or three, he could return to the subject later with much less reference to apparent global warming. I supppose no reference would be too much to hope for.

Excellent work is going on over at Climate Audit, unpicking the statistical and methodological nonsenses used by the warmers. Most of it is over my head, but as an accountant I can smell fraud without having to examine a business' books in detail, and there is a smell coming off the subjects of the CA investigations. Journalists, a few anyway, have begun to notice the twists and turns at NASA over the temperature record.

Most important, I think it possible that political leaders may in the next twelve months realise that Nicholas Stern is a fool. I commend to the House the following article by Steve Milloy, entitled "Global Warming's Trillion Dollar Turkey" which refers to an Environmental Protection Agency study of the costs of tackling alleged global warming, and the predicted "benefits":

Sooner or later the politicians are going to get this message from their advisers, remember the wise words of Vaclav Klaus, and turn on a sixpence like a London taxi. Assuming of course that they haven't handed all power to the Supreme Soviet in Brussels, who don't have to worry about re-election but do care abut control.

Re: Get Well Soon

May I second Jeff's best wishes for a speedy return to better health and resumption of the daily battles that we face just trying not to react to stupidity and duplicity.

As to your encouragement Jeff, I really hope you are calling it right but I rather think the corporate bandwagon is now geared up to keep the current direction for as long as they can. (As I have expounded in another post in the forum this evening.)

I sincerely hope I am utterly and completely wrong.


Re: Get Well Soon

Yes indeed - I also second (or should it now be third?) Jeff's good wishes for a speedy recovery, John.

Incidentally provides confirmation and an interesting alternative aspect of the GW as religion theory - a fine example of bandwagon jumping.

Re: Re: Get Well Soon

Only a short step away from a return to a complete rehabilitation of the 'old' tree and 'nature' worshipping focus reportedly dominant in earlier ages.

Most of the important celebration (or recognition) dates from those times are still in the calendar so reverting will not be too disruptive.

I wonder how long it will be before human sacrifices are legalised as part of the new ritual?

Re: Re: Re: Get Well Soon

Best wishes to John.
You have not been paying attention.Human sacrifice has been going on for a long time. Thru the banning of DDT, millions of Malaria victims have been sacrificed to the 'Green Gods'.

Now;by with-holding medical services from those that smoke or are overweight,more human sacrifices are being made to the 'PC Gods'.

Gary K.

Re: Get Well Soon

I wonder if an (all too easily acquired) infestation of these: would change the mind of even the most (ahem!) died-in-the wool DDT bansturbator?

"For more than six decades, Cimex lectularius, a.k.a. the bedbug, was thought to have been eradicated throughout the United States, largely through the successful use of the pesticide DDT.

In recent years, however, mainly due to the cessation of use of such potentially carcinogenic chemicals [here we go again] and cheaper travel, the perennial pest has made a dramatic return." (from

Apparently all it needs is one or two (almost invisible) eggs to start an infestation that - without DDT - is an embarrassing nightmare to (try to) eradicate.

I wonder if... No, don't even consider it - that would be a really mean trick! And anyway, there's a postal strike in the UK...

Re: Re: Get Well Soon

Get well soon, John. Talking of bed-bugs make sure that Mrs washes the bed linen at a much higher temperature than the authorised (and shortly to be mandated) temperature of 30 degrees (just right for nuturing bed bugs I believe)

Re: Get Well Soon

I take Grant's doubts very seriously, and his point about corporate involvement is right on the button. On the other hand, isn't the market price of carbon indulgences on the floor? If so, long may it stay there.

Am I right in thinking that people are beginning to go off wind turbines, for several reasons?

Wait till they see the effect of biofuel production on food prices. Or learn that their plasma TVs are to be banned

A new development is the result of a court case in England by a truck driver (He belongs to the New Party. What is this? In Scotland we have to put up with the old ones.) The chap sued over the Gore movie and its being shown, uncritically, in schools. Mostly, he won.

I have lost the long report of the case that I found, but a summary is over at Lubos Motl's place, link below. Most of his blog is right over my head but I recommend Lubos: rigorous but eclectic, just like here. Hope the link fits:

Re: Re: Get Well Soon


The Carbon Indulgences price for the initial EU effort have been poor but that was due to 'oversupply' apparently. The second tranche will be more restricted apparently so if the bureaucrats win the round and businesses who cannot claim huge credits get stuffed then someones has to pay, though for what I am not sure. Brussels expense accounts I suspect. Guess who gets stuffed in the end.

The turbine revolution does seem to be proving ineffective BUT will roll for a while since there are targets and credits that will apply in such a way that they are still viable in the medium term and help people look 'green'. I live next to an airport that is planning to install 4 at 150 ft high each (not sure it that is tower or to tip of blades) by early 2008. Apparently the total output will provide 10% of the airport's electricity requirement. Hopefully excluding anything required by the radar and guidance systems and the control tower and landing lights.

I had thought that being so close to an airport I would be saved the distress of seeing these monsters locally but it appears not.

It should be interesting to see how they perform (I doubt we will ever hear) and what they say when the first one has a catastrophic failure of some sort.

The only positive thing I can think of is that as they will, presumably, be in a developed area at least they are not trashing some remote and attractive countryside. However since they are unlikely to be on the flight paths my guess is that the villagers on the other side of the airport will get the aggro and will not be best pleased. Popular places for aircrew to live I believe.

Still, when they green tax flights and cancellation rates increase as part empty planes stay on the tarmac and are not then available where they next need to be maybe a few people will learn some lessons. Hopefully mostly Scottish MPs struggling to get home for the weekend and all green leaning MEPs stranded in Luxembourg or wherever.

Here is an interesting analysis of the bio-fuels farce. Seems to raise enough doubts to worry any politicos with their snouts in the ecotax trough but I doubt it will.


Re: Re: Re: Get Well Soon


Forgot the link, here it is.