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Do nobody read this stuff before putting it out?

From JB's BBC story about the oceans not taking up CO2..

Of all the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, only half of it stays there; the rest goes into carbon sinks.

They don't mean all the CO2, they mean all the 'man-made' CO2, or 3% of the total. And yet there it is, giving a totally inaccurate impression to the uninformed who might hope to get accuracy from the BBC. Is there a journalist anywhere with a science or engineering education?

Re: Do nobody read this stuff before putting it out?

I watched the coverage of this story on BBC News24 over the weekend, and Peter Sissons was actually giving one of the authors of the study quite a hard time. He even mentioned the fact that the earth had not warmed since 1998 and asked why that is the case if they maintain that CO2 is "pouring off the oceans."

There are no surprises that the BBC article contains the sentence "Scientists believe global warming might get worse if the oceans soak up less of the greenhouse gas." If I had a pound for every time I had read in a news article that on account of some new discovery global warming "may be worse than feared," then I would have made a fair packet. I imagine that now global warming must be feared very bad indeed.

I humbly suggest that if someone were to compile all such instances found in press writings, then it may result in a lengthy, and therefore humourous, list in the same vein as Number Watch's own list of things caused by Global Warming.

Re: Re: Do nobody read this stuff before putting it out?

Andrew, if you aren't already following it, is an excellent reference to "All the junk that's fit to debunk" Enjoy it.

Re: Do nobody read this stuff before putting it out?

That could be titled "The complete list of things that will make Global Warming worse than previously thought". It would make a fit companion for "The complete list of things caused by Global Warming". I'm afraid our bending author might not be in the mood to start it.