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Here in West Wales, there appears to be a campaign getting up to get Wi-Fi taken out of schools.Has anyone come across this in their locality?

Re: Wi-Fi

Why would they want to take Wi-Fi out of schools?

Are they afraid the radio waves are frying the kids brains?

Re: Re: Wi-Fi

Far better to take away their video nasty games. When I was a kid, the Wizard of Oz was scary enough. Now it isn't enough to have blood and gore, and killing, it has to be super realistic and preferably with torture and vivid graphics.
Like so many things, the technology is getting better and better but it isn't the technology but the content that is far more damaging.
But, censorship is a violation of the constitutional rights of children but Luditism isn't.

Re: Wi-Fi

I have the impression that this is national not just local. Presumably most people are disconnection their home networks (seems that many people with families are not running multiple PCs and have Wi-Fi Broadband connections) and installing cables all over the place.

Will they then petition their neighbours to shut their networks down as well?

A large number of humans seem to have an innate fear of progressive inventions. Sometimes they may be right but if this concern is real why are they not also concerned about all forms of signal transmission?

Perhaps they are.

Would anyone join me in a campaign for banning TV?


Re: Re: Wi-Fi

Grant, granted and seconded, x 10!

I never had access to television when I was young simply because my Dad, being a pithy Lancastrian, as well as being a practical engineer that the aircraft industry sought, summed television up very precisely in these prophetic words:- "Ee lad, we'll have noo television in this household, mark my words, its rare set to become the 'Idiots Lantern' of society."

This was around 1951, he also said, as a further admonition, "If tha' das'nt believe me, read George Orwell, or H.G.Wells, or Olaf Stapledon, or R.G. Mayor's, On Reason and Commonsense." I did, of course, however, it took me another 10 years of maturing before I could get the real message of Mayor, and Stapledon. The effects of his words, entirely supported by my Mum, gave me an immense start in life, they both had an uncheckable belief in the concept that their principal responsibility as parents, was to ensure that all us kids' were given the opportunity to, "Follow our own Star", without undue extra-family influences.

Back to 'Television' Grant, as a direct consequence of this very heuristic upbringing, we were voracious readers, and television did not come into my own home until the early 70's, by which time my kids' were about through their early formative years, and their school peer pressure was becoming a problem. Supported by my wife, my children were excellent readers by this time, and most importantly, they had a real grasp of numbers, they were, as they say (sorry, used to say) entirely numerate. It stood myself, my wife, and my children, 'in great staid'.

So, as it is late, and I am starting to ramble, Yes, television, as entertainment, should be banned for the first 7 years of every individuals life!

Many thanks, Grant, for giving me the opportunity to air this so important matter.


P.S. My Father left school at the age of 11 and my Mother at the age of 12. They had no formal education other than the fact that, due to their parents, they both had their 'numbers' and their 'letters' by the age of 3 0r 4. This really reinforces what John Brignell tells us!

Re: Re: Re: Wi-Fi

Now you mention it my childhood was fairly light on TV time.

My Father was in the RAF at a time when much of it was based abroad. We spent a year in Egypt followed by two in Cyprus starting around the age I can remeber things. No TV there.

The 2 or so years in London with TV but limited transmission time and andyway only childrens programs and a 'late night' on a Friday were available for me. Unless I was ill when I was allowed to sit on the sofa and watch horse racing during the day since that was all that was on. I watched if I did not feel like reading or doing something else.

From age 8 ish to 11 we lived in Germany, Radio but no TV, except when I spent a little time in Hospital.

My senior education, for reasons of consistency, was spent at boarding school so TV only in the holidays or for very limited periods in the evening once one became a 6th former. Mostly avoided though some occasional special programs were keenly watched.

Adult hood brought more regular exposure though pubs were preferable for a while. Now I rarely watch. Sometimes I will be sucked in to watch a program and find other interesting things to follow it - interesting can mean that I watch to try to discover why anyone would make the program at all!

But mostly I ignore the thing. After all, if I am not watching it, it can't be watching me. Not via that source anyway!

Paranoid? Me?