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American Thinker reference

600 Reasons below was actually a reference to the American Thinker article that John referenced in his Blog.

Today, on my way into work listening to Talk Radio 570 KVI in Seattle, WA, what do I hear? A reference to the American Thinker article followed up immediately by a reference to They very carefully spelled out the site address.

They didn't name John specifically. He was just "A british professor", but Johns gotta love advertising like that ;-)....

I hope it results in greater book sales.

Re: American Thinker reference (600 more reasons)


He has started a movement of his own, I just recieved this comment from Mark Alexander in his 'Patriot Post', John is now on the US Map!


Meanwhile, as Al Gore is basking in the glow of the incandescent lights reflecting off his ig-Nobel Prize, we note that one man is honoring the spirit of Peer Review in a unique way. Dr. John Brignell, a British Professor of Engineering, has compiled a collection of more than 600 links to media stories citing global warming as a root cause—everything from agricultural land increase to yellow fever. There is even one story blaming global warming for childhood insomnia. A cursory review of selected articles confirms our suspicion that global warming is, among other things, a talisman capable of garnering funding from a variety of governmental entities.

Re: American Thinker reference (Another 600 reasons)

Sorry, I missed the links to Patriot Post's main article on John with full links to Numberwatch, including John's books. Article by Cristopher Alleva here:-

Or just go to and browse