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Re: Legs

On the other hand, Boguslaw is a proper polish name:

Means "glory of God" from the Slavic elements bog "god" and slav "glory".
So if it's a hoax it's a good one. The hoaxer properly covered his tracks.

Re: Legs

I confess to have been having a bit of fun since a bit of internet searching revealed there is genuinely a Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski producing all this nonsense just as our bending author informs us.
Regrettably he appears not to be producing work of similar importance to the world as Marie Curie whose name is prominent on the university website.
Interesting to use the internet and see where a search for the name takes us as it reveals quite a bit about who is interested in utilising this fascinating research; that is, to see who is quoting it in their own online articles.
Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski