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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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The last word on everything (forum technical issue)

I'm new here and something odd is happening (look at the Math and Logic check, and supermarket bag threads) - my last post in all threads is coming up last, even when there are more recent posts.

While it's flattering to be given the last word on every subject, it's potentially confusing. I used to moderate a board hosted by bravenet, and while I hated the way the board worked, I never saw this problem. The powers that be may want to try and fix it.

Re: The last word on everything (forum technical issue)

It looks okay to me. You're responding to Gary K and are at level two. You are next after Scumop at that level. The later replies are at levels below yours. The indentation shows the level and is typical of tree-type message threads.


Re: The last word on everything (forum technical issue)

[mist clears]

I'm viewing in board style not thread style, and my replies are probably going in random threads as a result.