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Re: Supermarkets and the environment - bags for life

Bagging bananas causes them to ripen quickly which means they are more likely to end up as waste after you get them home. It also makes it more difficult for the customer to screen out imperfect fruit (every pre-packed bag of onions has a bad one in, doesn't it?). Believe me - they'll have done their sums on this - bagging (unless done at the supermarket itself) will increase pre-sale waste, but if that is outweighed by increased overall sales because of at-home waste, and an increase in the amount of wholesale fruit that can be presented to the customer, they still win.

Have you not noticed that your supermarket potatoes now last at most 2 weeks before they go soft and sprout? I have no idea how they do that. Ones from the garden can be stored for 3 months or more.

Re: Supermarkets and the environment - bags for life

Now do supermarkets really require to package everything in plastic?
Tescos: most of the vegetables in plastic.
In Boston last week at Whole Food Market, all the vegetables displayed unpackaged, not some, all unpackaged. It was a very much more impressive display and the vegetables looked fresh and tasty.
Let's not defend the supermarkets too strongly.

Incidentally, in Woburn MA residents are part of a scheme that encourages them to grow their own vegetables... this is evidence that the Totnes phenomenon is not an isolated instance.

Oh, and Whole Food Market provided paper bags to cart stuff away, not plastic.