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Re: Re: Second Hand Harm

And from what we have all learned from John, the chances of anything being truly harmful are close to zero. The most harmful thing out there is unrelieved stress. I suppose we could ban stress, but that might be a little difficult to enforce.

"Hey You, you look like you are stressed, Stop it. It is washing over into your kids and polluting the population. IF YOU DON'T Stop, I will be forced to fine you."

Hopefully the positive feedback loop is obvious.

Additionally, one needs to remind of the obvious. Positive feedback loops are not good for stabilizing anything.

I am afraid I just maligned amplifiers.

Re: Second Hand Harm

John B says he coined the Passive Drinking term in his book in 2000 (foolishly, I have not yet ordered the book). I have seen him use it in many posts since then.

That means his term is within the range of trademark (or related) law in several countries. Using that other American hobby - suing for fun and profit - could be a way to shake up the pot and create a lot of awareness over how bogus the alarmists' claims are.