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Re: Monbiot wants to bring back airships

If you ever get to Idaho, they have the prototype for the Nuclear Jet at the EBR I Museum. I think their were actually two there. Completely different configurations. My memory is dim now, but Its weight was fantastic.

20 miles down the road from it is EBR II home of IFR. The IFR (Integral Fast Reactor) had the ability to take Uranium in the front side and spit nothing but fission products out the back. It was a sodium cooled reactor, which will bring terror into the hearts of the timid (the ones who took chemistry class and watched Sodium put into a bucket of water). Sodium had many benefits as well as its problems -- Better heat transfer, easier maintenance, etc. I don't know if they have made that a museum yet though. They were letting the japanese steal the technology when I was there.

I remember reading a web site a long time ago (10 years now) which discussed the abundance of Uranium on the planet and that we truly have little fear in the way of lack of energy for at least several millions of years. (I can't find the article at this time).

I will happily store the spent waste (from the IFR Process) I am responsible for in my backyard. For a small fee I will happily store anyone who is afraid that they will be irradiated by it. I can stick the hockey pucks into the cistern my wife wants to build to trap rain water. Any heat from the hockey pucks will be absorbed by the water making it better for watering plants with.

Sorry to go off topic a little.

Re: Monbiot wants to bring back airships

I think George has a great idea!

Adaptable for all climates.

If you want to cool things down, as in increase albedo, you colour the airships white or silver. If the climate goes the other way and you need to warm things up you make them dark colours.


Re: Re: Monbiot wants to bring back airships

I rather like the idea of aerostats, too. Probably my only common ground with the Moonbat!
In particular, I had the idea of logging tropical forests with them, treating the forest more as a gardener treats his vegetable patch than a farmer with a field. What you do is airlift in the scouts and cutting crews to select the target tree, trimming off the boughs in situ and letting them fall to the forest floor to rot and chopping off the crown. Then the airship comes over, grapples the trunk and dumps water ballast while the cutters chop through the trunk. The airship then flies the trunk to the sawmill where it loads water ballast (usualy in plentiful supply in tropical forests) and lowers the trunk.
This has the following advantages:
No roads are smashed in, destroying immature trees and allowing farmers in to settle.
Only mature, high-value trees are harvested, the loggers being able to plan the sustainable use of the forest.
The disposal of the waste mimics natural tree death and regeneration.
Despite the high capital cost of the airship, no bulldozers, lorries or other heavy plant is needed.
By using dynamic positioning of the airship, little other infrastructure is required.
What are my chances of getting some pinkogreenpeaceecofreak organisations to spend some of their millions to fund me to develop such a system?
I thought so.