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Plants are screaming

There was an ode to this in the movie "Nottinghill".

One of Hugh Grants prospective loves was a fruitarian. She only at foods that had actually fallen from the tree because to eat food that had been picked caused excessive amounts of stress to the plant.

Amazing how trees manage to survive us clipping them, cutting them back and several other horrifying practices and the FLOURISH.

I think this is an example of WIDHTSTWWTFAYD. (What I do helps to save the world, what the BLEEP are you doing!)

Do to the constant flow of Save the world media out there (Superman, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wonderwoman, Spiderman), many of us GenXers think we need to save the world. All of our heroes did. How can we measure up if we don't do something to save the world. It never occurs to us that the world may not need saving. She can kick our ass all by herself.

Re: Plants are screaming

Oh dear, are we back to Kirilan photography and Janet Byrd's Secret Life of Plants?
Then there are al those superbly tinkered up sound recordings of plants screaming as they are cut.
So tell me, what will we eat?
Greens. (Soylent Greens, if you pardon the pun).
No I mean Greens, not greens. Then once they are all gone we can go back to eating animals and plants.
also we can solve all our fuel problems by using dead greens as fuel. (Actually there already is a crematorium that proposes to use the heat they generate as part of a CHP system for the local community.
Getting cold? throw another green in the crem.

Re: Plants are screaming

My apologies,
Peter Tompkins and Richard Bird...