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Caffeine Good for you

Just reported on our news: "Drinking up to 6 cups of coffee per day has been shown to be not bad for you, indeed it may be beneficial, woman showed a 25% decreased rate of death. Men showed no benefit".

Published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

I live in a "coffee drinking" capital of the world AKA the place Starbucks started. Maybe this is why it is news.

Re: Caffeine Good for you

Saw the headline in today's paper over here. No chance to read the story during the day. Sounds like the usual suspicious headline grabber report that I am not at all sure is helpful on balance no matter whether any science applied is valid.

Sounds like I need another 3 cups before bed though .... even if they do no good.


Global warming has a lot to answer for!

Sorry, off topic

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Two more results of global warming to add to the list:

(Title: Earthquakes and Global Warming)


(Title:No second chance?
Can Earth explode as a result of Global Warming?
Dr Tom J. Chalko 1 , MSc, PhD)

From the Climate Audit thread.

Insanity continues unabated.


Re: Global warming has a lot to answer for!


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Re: Global warming has a lot to answer for!

I just noticed a recent global warming news story myself that isn't currently on JEB's list (as far as I can see). This one is about a US children's running club where they're claiming they can no longer run as far or as long as they used to because of global warming:

Re: Re: Global warming has a lot to answer for!

This may be because it gets quite warm there in the summer. Obviously a 4th grader would not have too many years of experience on which to base a comment. One might guess indoctrination or fears about water consumption requiring the kids to labour under the weight of extra bottles.

Numbers for 1890 to 2000

The table seems to be a month out judging by January but I guess after adjustment is about right. In which case, and assuming there has not been a sudden and dramatic change since 2000, young Zach might need some numeracy tuition and introduction to the concept of the naming of years.

If he doesn't then I do.


Re: Caffeine Good for you

Those articles are both spoofs.

Re: Re: Caffeine Good for you

It's not a spoof, the author Tom Chalko does actually believe this kind of stuff. [I assume you're responding to Alan Bates' post rather than Brad's original post]. Basically Chalko is a crackpot. He's a former Melbourne University physics researcher who holds a number of New Age beliefs. We don't really get these kind of 'hippy scientists' in the UK and Europe, but there are quite a few of them around in the USA and Australia.

The blogosphere have noted that Chalko has written a book on auras and sells things like bioresonant T shirts, but they don't seem to have picked up on the fact that he's quite a notable figure in the Australian Green movement. He is a sort of Australian equivalent of Amory Lovins and lives in his own eco-house as described on this link:


Talking of New Age Greenies

My post about Australian New Age Greenie Tom Chalko, who believes that the earth will explode due to global warming, got me wondering about what has happened to Britain's own top New Age Greenie, David Icke.

Icke used to be a sports commentator for the BBC in the 1980s, but left to become a Green party activist and was given a job as their media representative. About 1990, he went 'New Age' and the Green party sacked him after an appearance on Terry Wogan's chat show. It's always struck me as being a bit mean that mainstream Greenies want to distance themselves from the New Age Greenies as they rely on them to bring in new recruits through pop festivals and in providing most of the road building protestors.

The last I heard of Icke is that he was touring the world warning about a takeover by "the lizard people". But apparently he is contesting the David Davis by-election next month:


Re: Caffeine Good for you

Yeah, I have trouble distinguishing the crackpot crackpots from the mainstream crackpots, and the crackpots trying to discredit other crackpots by publishing crackpot crap to see how gullible the other crackpots are.