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"Yuck" declared racist

Listening to the radio this morning they reported that the National Children's Board (?) has sent out a missive stating that nurseries should crack down on all forms of racism that might show up in their school. A child as young as 3 saying "Yuck" to cuisine of a different culture should be considered a "racist" event and reported to the local board. (This is from a UK paper).

WTF? You all like to think we are nuts here in the states (and we are to some extent), but the UK seems able to beet us at wackiness when it comes to political correctness. My six year old says "Yuck" when I put pepper on something. Call the police. They will reflect the behaviors of whatever pleases them at the moment. Calling it "racism" means that the policy makers are absolute morons. I don't think they can be just ignorant. They have no comprehension of how to raise children or what children do in the process of being raised.

At the risk of being purposefully antagonistic, I prefer that my children say "Yuck" from time to time. Part of growing up is testing the boundaries of what you can get away with. If they didn't say "Yuck" they wouldn't be exploring those boundaries.

Are there any intelligent people on these boards, or have they all been scared away?

Re: "Yuck" declared racist

It is in the Telegraph:,-say-report.html

Re: "Yuck" declared racist

Uhm.... well.. I think for political correctness, we are probably about equal one way and another. What I've been wondering about recently is where prejudice ends and personal, empirical observation and experience begins? Who is the arbiter of what is prejudice, (racial or otherwise). How many Jews for example, would an observer have to declare experience of being mean and money grubbing for observations to become a tendancy? And how notable it is that some observations are politically ok to make - viz men withold and bottle up their emotions; are unable to multitask; are sport obsessed etc. whilst others about Jewish stinginess or my own observation, that the very least competent drivers are negro women, are deemed racially prejudiced and politically incorrect.