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Re: Re: Re: Warmists challenge Scientists

That would be like Big Oil letting Big Auto hang out to dry.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Warmists challenge Scientists


Not so sure the analogy is for Big Oil/Big Auto is quite the same but there are parallels I guess.

I don't see Big Oil doing much to help GM, et al, by helping with field prices or offering to assist with shipping micro cars (in US terms) from Korea to create a market to replace the SUVs and Trucks that currently seem to have suffered a sales death.

No reason they should try to help of course. Reduced consumer demand means less investment required and higher current stock-in-hand valuation so in the short term. If GM hit a wall it will have little effect on Big Oil.

Likewise with the lettuce growers - though slightly alternative views on this.

Tomatoes will still be available but there may be a short term dip until the 'muscle' toms from Mexico can be replaced by other sources. Toms, or a substitute will be around in enough sufficiency and with enough confidence in the salad concept that lettuce sales will likely not suffer - so long as no one accuses Big Lettuce of making people ill. Big Lettuce will be happy to see someone else taking the aggravation I would guess.