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Re: Re: Re: Re: Bleach labelling

I think I remember a skull and crossbones to mean poisonous, and a cross used to indicate an irritant. Lately, I have been seeing crosses on many chemical bottles that I have bought with the fine print informing that they are 'toxic' or 'harmful', but not necessarily irritants.

A similar change was made to the symbol denoting that something was recyclable, which used to be made of arrows bent at the vertices of a triangle and pointing along the sides of the triangle, to one which resembles the Taijitu from Taoism.

They are probably done by jobsworths looking to justify their salaries at the expense of confusing everyone else who got used to the old systems.

Re: Bleach labelling

What happens to minefields marked with skull and crossbones? are they to to have Mr Yuk symbology imposed?

What happens if Mr Yuk is adopted by pirates?