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Re: Flying kites

It at least has all the generating equipment on the ground and not in the air and there is no electrical transmission through a tether. But good luck to them in getting multiple kites to work in concert in the "ladder mill" reliably without frequent shutdowns while they pick the kites off the ground and untangle the strings. And if that happened off-shore I think it would take them forever to sort out.

Re: Flying kites

So as I understand it from the description...

You get power as the kite pulls on the rope and spins the generator. OK good.

Then you REEL IT BACK IN. That obviously takes no power whatsoever.

Or you can have another kite go up to reel it back in. What a deal. Has this been given a free energy patent yet?

Re: Re: Flying kites

I don't believe it is perpetual motion, because you are not obligated to reel it back in against the same force that took it out. But it is a silly and fidgety way of generating electricity.

Re: Re: Re: Flying kites

Using 2 kites in opposition they could create some sort of short frequency oscillation on the cable and engineer something to run off that at ground level.

However, if they are planning to operate at sea I could see a number of materials science challenges for which the engineering costs might outweigh the energy creation benefits.