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Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

This subject should probably be in the filtered list. i.e. prevented from ever showing up again -- but...

I think it has been clearly shown that large scale balloons, flying generators, etc are not likely to ever show up. As the size of the generator increases the size of current makes it impossible to transmit energy back to ground.

What if -- instead of building 10MW generators (or greater) flying at 15,000 -30,000 ft we build 10kw generators floating at 200 ft.

I was thinking of home installations. Just think on site installation could would consists of a concrete slab with moderately deep anchors. Bolt the unit down, inflate the balloon with hydrogen (wink) and let it get to its tether altitude and start making electricity when the wind is blowing.

Since we are dealing with much lower currents, lower height, etc, we don't run into all those nasty weight issues.

Of course we now have the eye sore of balloons floating everywhere,

Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

Perhaps it could have been done 70 years ago:

Re: Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

We could call it an extra feature. When the attacks start, we let the balloons fly higher.

Re: Re: Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

An alternative and much more predictable solution would be to build a series of wind generation devices on towers. Lets assume windmills with 300ft dia blades , to make the towers at least 600ft tall.

50ft below the blade's lowest point build a roof and below the roof include a climatic system - rain and stuff, that mimics the world outside.

The roof proved much better air flow control for the turbine blades, can be painted white to increase albedo but still allow light in and could be used to control the ground level weather for important events.

Gosh, I can think of so many benefits I am surprised no one has done this already.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

A 600 ft tower is gonna be expensive.

We could build the house into it though.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

I had this 'vision' of a city-wide infrastructure rather then an individual property.

Indeed the way things are headed in many countries creeping authoritarianism seems to be the future. A life without rights but not without responsibilities. Employees of Governments (all levels) with legal powers available after cursory checks on their probity.

Several local authorities in Sydney, Australia, have even banned helium balloons, or in some cases any balloons. Presumably the voters voted for this attitude. Makes me wonder what IS being added to the water ...

What next - an annually renewable licence to breathe? Remote control cut off if you forget to renew?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Flying Wind Turbines (revisited)

My favorite book "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" - Quarterly air charges for all recipients, although you could create O2 excess by growing abundant plants. Course those silly plants require CO2 to grow. Not once in the stories did they ever discuss where the CO2 came from for moon plant growth. Burning stuff wouldn't be a good idea. In the book they searched for Water in the depths of the moon. Perhaps they also searched for Dry Ice?