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Imaginary Departments

Health and Witchcraft...

Isn't it pretty close to that already. I think they call it Alternative Medicine. Old Chucky seems to think highly of it. TAM is a gnats whisker from witchcraft.

I think in some locations, TAM takes form indistinguishable from witchcraft.

Re: Imaginary Departments

Why we do not need more govt departments and intervention.

Back in 1999, in the great state of Nevada, the government seized The Mustang Ranch after guilty verdicts were returned against its parent companies and manager in a federal fraud, racketeering and tax evasion trial, and, as required by law, once they had seized The Mustang Ranch, the government tried to run it.

They failed miserably and it closed.

Now, we are trusting the economy of our nation to a pack of nit-wits that couldn’t make money running a ***** house and selling booze!

Don’t you feel a lot better now?

Re: Imaginary Departments

"Old Chucky"? Presumably you're talking about Prince Charles. I believe he's an alternative medicine supporter.

The latest I've heard about Charles is that he has yet another environmentalist on his payroll. His new deputy private secretary is Benet Northcote, currently chief policy adviser to Greenpeace UK.