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Re: The boss is back!!

"nothing wrong than fortuitous discoveries"

Should read "with", rather than "than".

Re: The boss is back!!

you know, in a couple of threads I have had differences with James V but I would suggest that we accept that this is not a forum where only those who agree with each other are acceptable.

But we are encouraged to confront the argument and not the person, something we complain of in the AGW crusade so while I could wish for a more diplomatic approach from some contributors, I try not myself, to attack the person, so much as is possible.

In this case I rather did not object to the post by Perry as it was presented as a personal experience, was in context and was directed to our Bending Author who is not usually noted for a lack of intellectual acuity and who can, when he feels the need, intervene for himself.

In general though I would tend to agree here with James V that one would normally discourage the use of fora for free advertising (especially to the gullable) but in this case it was either so well done as to escape my criticism or was, as it apeared, a personal experience offered kindly.

On the other hand, there is nothing so hot as the kitchen when one or more chefs are brandishing their cleavers at each other. Much more to be admired, often, is the clenched teeth (rather than fists) approach to contentious postings. I like to think that those fora I visit are to be compared for dignity to the House of Lords rather than the House of Commons.

Re: The boss is back!!

I don't think there is anyone I agree with everything on. If I found someone who fitted that bill, I'd be worried that only one of us was doing all the thinking.

It's my experience of web fora that it is far commoner to post dissent than assent even if one agrees with 90% of what others say. As for fitting in, I wouldn't expect to be chased off an overwhelmingly euroskeptic forum run by a confirmed euroskeptic just because my view on that issue differs any more than I would chase Christians or female arts graduates off the other forum I work on, just because they don't fit in with the majority inclination there.

When one agrees with something, there is as much point in saying so as in cheering from the back benches, to extend JMW's metaphor. When one disagrees and says so, there is at least an evens chance that either you will learn something or someone else will.