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Epidemiological Challenge

Currently there are several challenges out there. Some we all know like "JREF's $! Million Paranormal Challenge" and "Junkscience's $500,000 Global Warming Challenge". I found another a couple of months ago called the "1 pass overwrite disk drive recovery challenge". They offered some minimal amount of money to anyone who could recover 2 files off a disk drive that had been overwritten just once (as opposed to the security mandated 35 times).

I was wondering if someone should start the Epidemiological Challenge. I envision something like a prize for finding

"A study showing an RR > 2 where the target numbers were greater than 3 digits and published within the last 2 years".

I would put forth a prize equivalent to a $20 Gift Card to Starbucks or some such.

Anyone have any ideas on how to appropriately word the "challenge".