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Re: The Number for the October is 6,000,000

There's an easy way out of this. Get rid of your TV. I did so after the 1998 world cup, and haven't missed it since. I probably watch about 6 hours TV a year. The last thing I went out of my way to watch was Ricky Hatton's defeat to Floyd Mayweather and everything else I have seen (usually I end up seeing an episode of whatever has currently caught the public imagination - such as Big Brother) is total and utter crap.

I think the response to this is utterly disproportionate, especially as TV is such rubbish ahyway. dRoss and whoever haven't done anything illegal - they rang up a guy, made a factually correct claim about one of them having had sex with a relative of his, and teased him about it. It was in exceptionally poor taste and they owe Sachs and their employer an apology, but was it really worse than big brother? I seem to remember they made a point of wanting housemates to haves sex on air, and the same tabloids now crucifying dRoss and whoever loved it. I doubt it made good TV either, which their employer might regard as dereliction of duty. I'm glad they still have the right of free speech to do what they did (for they would probably have had criminal charges brought against them here), but the right to free speech does not protect you from the social consequences thereof (ostracisation, loss of employment, exclusion from groucho club...).

What the hell is dRoss doing on telly anyway, he's hopeless.

Re: Re: The Number for the October is 6,000,000

Like James, I did get rid of my TV, somewhat before he did - can't remember when. OK, I cheat a bit because my aged parents have now moved to 50 yards away, so if I ever feel so inclined I can watch theirs.
Contrary to James' view, making obscene telephone calls is a criminal offence, but the State Security Forces (formerly "police") won't do anything about it for fear of what Brown's Bull**** Club would do to them. For that, dRoss & BRandy should be prosecuted. The other offence is broadcasting it after a) Being asked and b) agreeing, not to. For that, The senior producer (whom the BBC flatly refuses to identify) and the head of R2 should have been scaked, without pension rights.
The really interesting thing for me is the mentality of people who are so self-centred as not to consider the feelings of others. Isn't that a classic sign of psychopathy?

Re: The Number for the October is 6,000,000

I'm not sure that the Channel 4 creation is an explanation of the current BBC dilema.
Channel 4 was what, the fourth channel?
Today there are something like forty or more that appear on the free digital channels and Sky and the like seem to offer hundreds of channels.
If anything, the advent of Channel four should have been good preparation for the future. If the Beeb can't get its act together with two competing channels what hope has it with hundreds?

In fact, it seems to have sacrificed just about every quality that should have marked it out from the competition. The most anyone seems to have been excited about over the years is the loss of cricket coverage and parliamentary coverage.
It has even lost its monopoly on good drama and, I have to say, has become a bottom feeder when it comes to humour.

No I do not like Jonathan Ross, especially not Russel Brand, nor Graham Norton nor many another whatever channel and at whatever low level they all now compete on.

Actually, it is rather disappointing that there is so little restraint, so little actual direction and management. We seem to have a stream of concious with no objectivity. I actually liked Graham Nortons shows when he first appeared and I suspect that Ross could actually be quite good except that the more self important they become the less controlled they become and they disguise it all as "edginess". What is that?

Don't let us forget the radio. Over the years the number of good dramas, comedy dramas and straight comedy that one can listen to with enjoyment has declined dramatically. Even those that do entertain seem to rely on an increasingly strong element of innuendo or outright smut and it seems obligatory to "have a go" at the Royal family.

I have sat in my car and listened appalled to a Radio 2 program (my wife controls the radio when we are together in the car otherwise I listen to Radio 4 or CDs).
Radio shows, even those devoted to music, seem all t follow the same formulaic approach:
Recruit "hosts" who are semi-literate and have strong regional dialects, and while your at it, get two of them so they can make puerile chit chat with each other.
What is that about?
Who cares what some of these people think?
On one show they had Kelly Osmond Osbourne?) as a guest. Some twenty minutes of absolute drivel about how many grapes they could each stuff in their mouths.
Get the audience involved in whatever manner possible.

What is the saddest comment about TV and Radio is that we have two strands at play, we have the ever increasing sophistication of the technology and the death spiral of intelligent life behind anything that is actually broadcast.

Oh, Little Dorrit is a return to form but maybe that's merely an example of the theory that if you sit twenty monkeys at typewriters....

Re: The Number for the October is 6,000,000

Scotland needs to re-introduce O-Grade Arithmetic at least for future BBC employees.

BBC Scotland at its very best.
Accuracy in reporting, educating the masses......!!

Enjoy the first paragraph.

I pay my licence fee for this and River City!