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Re: Skeptics and Global Warming


Interesting segue way from sleep walking to global warming. I doubt that the Skeptics Panel know much about how greenhouse gases work. The biggest bugaboo is that the atmosphere isn't warming. GHGs work by absorbing energy (in the infrared region). Everything else in the physical world gets warmer when it absorbs energy (if a temperature can be defined, the temperature goes up). For the GHG effect to work, the atmosphere must be warmer, which in turn makes the surface warmer. The atmosphere isn't warming (at least not according to model predictions). This is actually a disproof of the GHG theory. You'll notice that there are lots of papers trying to circumvent this problem (and it's a major problem). One paper claims that there are winds blowing the warmer air away. Another paper claims that the satellite data are wrong. I don't have to change the subject with this, but the AGW believers do.


Re: Skeptics and Global Warming

Brad might have warned us that the relevant bit came at the end. I listened for what seemed hours to the waffling of these insufferable, smug, vulgar bores. They are no more sceptics than they are Martians. When it came, it was just a rerun of the usual stuff. He was accusing his opponents of the very sins he was committing: changing ground etc. It was presented as though it were a debate, but it was a monologue. Carbon dioxide was put up as a straw man, when the kernel of the sceptical case is that its contribution is negligible. Discussing the so-called greenhouse effect without mentioning water vapour is Hamlet without the prince. They are still feverishly trying to cover up the fact that their prediction did not happen.

Re: Re: Skeptics and Global Warming

Given that the AGW hoax is all about the worship of the false goddess Gaia, perhaps heretic might be the better word. If you don't worship at her altar, then you are heretical, and will be punished for being so.

Re: Re: Re: Skeptics and Global Warming

AGW - you believe the world is going to burn up and it is all your fault; you have a wildly exaggerated estimation of the consequences of your actions; you cling to this view in the teeth of reason, evidence and common sense. Everything you see or hear, however contradictory it may appear, can be interpreted so as to fit in with your Theory. You are frantically active, trying to fill in all the details of your Theory. People who try to dispute with you are wicked, devious plotters, in the pay of some secret global orgainsation of evildoers. You would like to silence them before disaster strikes. Paranoid schizophrenia, anyone?