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Re: Am I alone in not beliving the "10% of children in developed countries have been abused" claim?

Coming from a third world/undeveloped country (Man, how I hate those terms and their loosely, inaccurate use!) I'd have to say that it is, somewhat correct for those countries. In 3rd world/undeveloped Due to poor education, low, very low, income and the relief most people of poorer classes (a significant majority)seek through alcohol, most children in lower class level have or will suffer some kind of abuse.

In the developed world, alcohol, too, plays a big role and I would not be surprised if 10% is accurate.

However, as other posters mention, DEFINE abuse.

Developed countries' society has developed this thing about children nowadays being much weaker than we were last generation. If you ask too much of them, you'll damage their future. If you scold or, God forbid, place your hand in their little behinds a little harder than a pat, you'll be labeled as a bad parent and an abuser. And the list of things that are no-no's is huge. I believe you will all be familiar with it.
So, following what the scaremongers (borrowed word, but I like it!) of child services come up with, I guess 10% could even be an underestimation.

Now, you are responsible for their education but I don't get it. You cannot correct their actions when they are little in a way that will leave a gentle imprint that what was done is wrong; you cannot teach them too much or ask for results with high expectations; they give them a set of rules to follow, created by others in many cases, that you have no way of enforcing other than with kind words, etc... Following this scenario, and without having looked at the figures this study has. I bet any money that the biggest "abuse" is verbal. Screaming to your kid because he/she/it is not listening as the learning has been that they can get away with whatever.

Yep, my parents laid a hand on me, couple times, as a kid and I appreciate who I am now. And as a parent, I understand the need of doing so too. Even though at times you’re tempted of also wriggling their necks!! But I understand that adolescence is only a few years long.

Re: Am I alone in not beliving the "10% of children in developed countries have been abused" claim?

They get slightly more specific with such comments as "...5-10% of girls and 1-5% of boys are exposed to penetrative sexual abuse." Which I most certainly do not believe. I think the words "piss off" were mentioned - 1 in 10 girls raped/otherwise molested by family is beyond the usual 'shock' statistic beloved by the media, it is simply wrong.

I have wondered what the response would be if I did something as simple as read through a 'scientific paper' such as this, and simply emphasize every weasel word.

As a side note, I seem to remember my mum's favourite punishment being a smack from the dreaded wooden spoon. Amazingly enough, I did not press assault charges against her! I know I know, I am too soft on her. Parents must pay! What have they ever done from us, aside from instill values in us, encourage our interest in astronomy and cricket, probably some other minor things... clearly, nothing important! By all means, part those poor (misbehaving) kids from their wicked parents.

Re: Re: Am I alone in not beliving the "10% of children in developed countries have been abused" cla

I think it might another attempt by and unscrupulous researcher to get funds "for research" and not have to face the real world by actually getting a job. There are real jobs in universities and research centres as well, but they require thinking, which, apparently is considered abuse as well if you demand too much from your kids.