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Bio-fuels, bio-this, bio-that

All I hear is that bio-fuels and such are carbon neutral. Wouldn't oil be carbon neutral as well? Woudn't EVERYTHING on earth be carbon neutral? Except for the tools the astronauts lost and a few odd satellites, no mass leaves the planet, does it? Certainly no carbon does. Am I wrong?

Re: Bio-fuels, bio-this, bio-that

Come on now, you know it is only carbon neutral if the envirofundies say it is carbon neutral.

Greenie gasbags produce a lot of CO2 when they breath though. You could point this out to a few and declare them not to be carbon neutral. Demand they pay you some carbon offset money for damaging your world.

Re: Bio-fuels, bio-this, bio-that

On the exchange of carbon between Earth and outer space, I believe there's net input from outer space, probably a lot bigger than the space junk that is going out. There are these things called carbonaceous meteorites which are dark stony meteorites containing quite a bit of carbon in the form of a tar-like substance. There will also be carbonaceous meteors which burn up in the Earth's atmosphere (it's only called a meteorite if it makes it to the ground), so some of the CO2 in the atmosphere presumably comes from them.

I think the whole idea of carbon neutrality was invented by the Green lobby to legitimise the idea of going back to the pre-Industrial Revolution practice of burning wood for fuel. But you can't sustain the current Earth's population by burning wood. In England we had 15% tree cover about 1000 years ago (according to a national inventory called the Domesday Book), so a tiny fraction of today's population managed to use up 85% of the trees, assuming the whole country was originally forest-covered. The main reason we still have trees in Britain is because we switched to burning coal. One part of England, East Anglia, actually ran out of trees in the 13th century and switched to digging peat out of the ground (which is what you do when you run out of wood) and the resulting network of large trenches eventually filled up with water and now make up a series of waterways called the Norfolk Broads.

Re: Re: Bio-fuels, bio-this, bio-that

Of course, we ought to remember that the loss of trees in Britain occurred again during the wars with France when timber for ships was in great demand.
Since then many areas previously deforested have again tree and scrub cover.
The next problem is th plantations of Corsican pine. A great tax evasion dodge that once was, the unfortunate side effect is that few native species of bird animal or insect life are able to exploit this tree while an English oak can sustain a thousand or more different species.
Much of the Downland was heavily grazed by sheep and developed it own unique ecosystems supporting a range of species that depend on nutrient poor soil such as the yellow meadow ant.
The prospect of "carbon neutral" fuel is not good. The tree of choice will undoubtedly be some imported tree or some genetically modified species which will displace native trees and will encroach on various important habitats.
Then too we have an increasing number of people who are opting for wood burners and these people will many of them end up as scavengers rather than harvesters i.e. they will cut down trees on "common land" (or anywhere they **** well please) without planting new growth.
We should remember that it is local people cutting down trees for fuel that have created the problems with the snow melting on Kilimanjaro (by cutting down the vegetation and changing the air flow) and poor people who scavenging for fuel have created many of the problems with flooding in India and Pakistan.
The "carbon neutral" concept is a bit of a sleeper; the full impact may be some time coming but it wont be favourable.

Re: Re: Bio-fuels, bio-this, bio-that

I was unaware that meteors could contain carbon. For some odd reason, probably not paying attention in class, I thought carbon could only be found on earth. Thinking of it, it obviously does not make sense. ****!! It now means that we have to develop an energy neutral rocket ship that will blast meteorsa before they enter our atmosphere an increast the carbon load in the planet!
I appreciete the little nugget, as well as the meteor/meteorite explanation