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Lawyers next bone?

Could this go forward? I think I chose the wrong profession. Forget about suing a fast food chain because their hot coffee burned my lips

Re: Lawyers next bone?

By the same token we can sue AGW freaks over losses to cold over the next decade or so. The energy companies can certainly get anyone who is in any official position prosecuted for Misconduct in Public Office (in the UK). At the very least we should claim back the pension funds of these bozos.
I note that he is comparing a model which uses the real CO2 levels versus one which uses levels at the start of the industrial revolution, assuming that all the observed rise is due to human activity. What about the naturally released CO2 from naturally warming oceans and rotting peat, etc.?

Re: Lawyers next bone?

Any defence lawyer worth their salt will point out that, but for the industrial revolution and associated carbon emissions, you wouldn't actually still be alive in your 55th year to complain about the flood damage to your industrially produced shag pile carpet, plasma screen TV, leather sofa etcetera.

Re: Lawyers next bone?

April the First, right!
Must have the wrong calender on my wall here....

Re: Lawyers next bone?

"He would not comment on the results before publication..." How professional of him! Well, aside from the fact that he made this press release.

If this does make it to court, hopefully the details of the science could be publicly examined and shown to be bunk, in a similar manner to the creationist vs. evolution trials in America.