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Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

They have won anyway. As rising temperatures are proof of our blame, falling temperatures are proof that we are now headed in the right direction, that reducing the rate of increase of the rate of increase of carbon dioxide emissions actually works, that we can pull back from the brink of disaster, and we must cut ever deeper to ensure we make no impact whatsoever on our environment, just as those polar bears make no impact whatsoever on theirs.

Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Boy, are you guys out of date!
According to Prof Holdern, the new science advisor to Obama (Obama is pictured in the telegraph with Al Gore)
The term "Climate Change" (which replaced "global warming" and which itself replaced "Greenhouse Gas Effects"), "Climate Change" is too soft and the new terminology is "Climate Disruption".

Whatever happened to neutrality? The use of unemotive words in scientific reporting?
Seems every scientist has learned that people respond emotionally not logically (except engineers) and therefore emotional language is essential, especially, one presumes, when selling "the big lie".

Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Sorry, I should credit Dave for this information, he gave it in the thread on Holdren.
Of course, now I recall where I got that from I realise you all already know it.
Oh well.

Re: Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

The advantage of using the phrase 'Climate Disruption' is that we will now be able to prosecute volcanoes that erupt without permission, changing ocean currents, the sun, methane-producing cows and the Weather Fairy who is surely behind all this.

Re: Re: Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

I have watched news on junkscience the last couple of weeks about such an eruption in Yellowstone. A supervolcano is in the offing, and the entire western 2/3 of the US is at risk.

I am biting my nails in suspense. What should I do?

Re: Re: Re: Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

It's not sure whether you're being ironic Brad, but my understanding of the Yellowstone supervolcano is that it is believed there will be a few years warning of the super-eruption, and several US states may need to be evacuated. One of the anticipated warning signs is that you would see very big changes in ground level, like several hundred metres, prior to eruption.


Re: WHAT! Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Well, I suppose if Yellowstone did go California would not need to concern itself with budget deficits for a while.

Silver linings wherever you look really ....