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The evils of third-hand smoke

The war continues.

Re: The evils of third-hand smoke

Someone call Oxford/Websters, we have a new definition for ridiculous.

Note that they claim a nursing mother can be affected by third hand smoking to the point that she can then affect her baby - fourth hand smoking is real, folks!! No matter that the toxin concentrations must be approaching the homeopathic level at that point...

Re: The evils of third-hand smoke

"His team surveyed more than 1,500 households, asking smokers and non-smokers about their attitudes."

In other words, this was not a piece of medical research. It was an opinion poll, probably conducted by telephone.

I expect our host (John, I hope you are OK: this cold weather may be a particular bind for you) will be delighted by this new breakthrough for Post-Normal Science (Copyright M Hulme, Hadley CRU).

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