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Re: The mad EUSSR

Stupid Question: Do the locals who "don't use malarials" get malaria?

Sort of like the amazing Nature Loving abilities of the indigenous populations. They lived in tune with nature. Nothing was allowed to go to waste.

Re: Re: The mad EUSSR

Interesting enough, Native Americans had an effective way of getting meat to eat. They would find a herd of buffalo near an escarpment, and then a few of them would panic the buffalo into running over the cliff. They would then take what they needed and could store, and the rest would rot. So much for the idea that nothing was wasted.

The real thing to take note of this is that when the buffalo in the lead noticed the drop-off ahead of them, they tried to stop. They were, of course, pushed over the cliff by those panicked buffalo behind them.

We, the people of the western culture world have in large part been panicked by various and sundry, all by a few with decided agendas, none of which are for the benefit of any but themselves, or their deluded imaginations. The best place to be in a panic is behind a large boulder, up a stout tree, or in the back of the herd. I don't see a large boulder, or any stout tree to climb. I am not in any hurry to join in the stampede.

Re: Re: The mad EUSSR

"Stupid Question: Do the locals who "don't use malarials" get malaria?"
Many peoples in Africa actually have partial resistance, granted to them by the prevalence of partial sickle-cell anaemia. Those that carry just one of the alleles are granted high resistance against malaria, and are not afflicted by sickle cell either. The regions with a high prevalence of the sickle cell allele, funnily enough, coincide with area of high malarial prevalence.

I'd love to see a young earth creationist's take on that obvious evolutionary advantage.

Re: The mad EUSSR

The only stupid question is the one you were afraid to ask. Many of the locals do have a sickle-cell anaemia gene but even Europeans who lived in malarial areas before the age of two do acquire partial immunity by being exposed while their immune systems are maturing. This only lasts while you are continuously exposed, though - grow up in Africa and then live abroad for ten years or so and you've lost it.
On hunting, I also met a starry-eyed Australian idealist who extolled the virtues of the aboriginal lifestyle. She got most upset when I pointed out that they lived such a frugal life because their ancestors had eaten all the easy meat!