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Re: Re: Lead in paints

I suspect that the main reason for improvements in crime figures is twofold.

1) There is more unreported crime as people have lost confidence in the police who they view as incompetent & unable to find their own bums with both hands & the aid of a sniffer dog.

2) They're getting better at manipulating the statistics.


Re: Re: Re: Lead in paints

DaveE - how would one test such a hypothesis? For that matter, how would one show a link between a reduction in environmental lead and a reduciton in crime? Levitt and Dunbar, in Freakonomics, attributed a fall in crime in the USA to the popularity of abortions. Is it OK just to make this stuff up as one goes along?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lead in paints

"Is it OK just to make this stuff up as one goes along?" I think it is, Obama decided to fund more climate modelling.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lead in paints

1) Is anecdotal. In the area in which I live, people have given up reporting anything other than the most serious of crimes.

2) That's just a sneaky suspicion.

3) I go along with Francisco.