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This may not be entirely related to innumeracy, but it is humorous.

Pro-Biotics Article

Dr. Crislip hints at a truly useful pro-biotics regimen.

I refrain from stating it directly, cause the filters might not like it.

Around the corner -- Pro-biotics attempts to help populate the bowels with new fauna. The best way to repopulate that fauna is to steal some from your nearest and dearest and place it in your own bowel, by way of your stomach.

Even taking the long way to describe it make my stomach flutter.

Re: Pro-Biotics

I think, perhaps, you meant to say flora.

Re: Re: Pro-Biotics


As a biologist (sort of, long ago) most gut inhabitants are bacteria, which are neither plant nor animal, so fauna is as good as flora, although protista would be better (apart from no-one understanding what you were on about).

Re: Re: Re: Pro-Biotics

Hopefully the intent was understood.

The article I read on the test performed involved mixing the protista from the donor with a covering agent (chocolate ice cream) and making the patient drink it.

Part of me is fascinated and the other part sounds like a 16 year old Valley Girl.

Re: Pro-Biotics

As the saying goes, 500,000,000,000,000 flies can't be wrong.