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"Why We Need More Nannying"

This comes from the BBC website and is an opinion piece by one Dr Alan Maryon-Davis, "public health expert" and president of the UK Faculty of Public Health, whatever that is.

In it, he says of the public smoking ban:

"This has already saved many lives and will, I believe, prove to be the greatest step forward in public health since the birth of the NHS."

Re: "Why We Need More Nannying"

The public smoking bans campaigns around the world have, indeed, been very successful. I am impressed on how much the public perception on smoking changed.
However, wouldn't it have been better for the people to spend all those resources in campaigning against drugs, gangs and the real problems that effect life quality and safety?
Smoking a cigarette is not cool, doing dope, or other drugs is cool. Joining a gang is cool!
I just wish the focus had been to worse problems other than a ‘smoking ban’. Just imagine if a campaign as successful as the anti-tobacco had been launched against drugs, kids leaving home to live in the streets or joining a gang (to use and sell drugs).
Or to actually educate people in the habit or reading, writing, healthy habits such as laying down the chips and TV now and then….

Re: "Why We Need More Nannying"

We need a big stick to curb the worst excesses of the various commercial interests who shape our lifestyle.

Well, talking of the tobacco _advertising_ ban, many of those commercial interests were wholeheartedly in favour of it and lobbied for it. Which commercial interests? The big tobacco companies of course.

What, really? Of course. Eliminating advertising not only means that they can all get rid of a huge expense they could do without, but it makes it nigh-on impossible for new competitors to enter the market. Trebles all round!