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Re: Re: Grit

The same thought passed through my mind,Frank.I did hear though,a council spokesperson saying that road salt could n't be stored for long,as it deteriorated. I do find this difficult to understand.Could someone enlighten me on this,please?
Last evening,I was half listening to the BBC TV 6 pm News,and I think I heard someone say in an interview,that the recent cold period would have been much colder if it was n't for global warming.Can anyone confirm please that I was n't hearing things?

Re: Re: Re: Grit

Yes you heard right they (and others) did say that the waether might have been more severe if it had not been for global warming. The interviewee in question was from Imperial College. That same Imperial College which seems to believe in the 'hockey stick' graph representation of recent historic global warming! In my opinion, they are not the elite academic institution they think they are.

Re: Grit

Sounds bizarre, doesn't it, salt deteriorating? I suspect what they mean though is that the rock salt they use now (presumeably at the behest of the car manufacturers) is hygroscopic and will cake and/or deliquesce when stored. Apparently they no longer use grit for fear of being sued for broken windscreens or chipped paintwork.

Re: Re: Grit

Depends on where you are. We still use sand (aka grit I think) in Washington and other areas. There are several formulations of "salt" that are used also.

We have the slightly bizarre situation in the Puget Sound that adding salt to the ocean is polluting it. This still leaves me mildly dumbfounded...

If I add runoff with an salinity less than the ocean, am I polluting the ocean?

Of course that leads to me to other mystery, how does adding CO2 to an atmosphere that already has CO2 and needs it for the ecosystem to thrive constitute pollution...

My brain is not the right shape apparently. I don't understand the nuances.

Re: Re: Re: Grit

I suspect that it isn't directly related to the Global Warming scam but simply that this was a good area to cut costs and hope they'd get away with it... not to pass on those costs to the rate payer, of course, but simply so they can continue their final salary pension schemes.

Re: Re: Grit

"Apparently they no longer use grit for fear of being sued for broken windscreens or chipped paintwork."

On that specific point, 'grit' (sand and small stones) is no longer used mainly because it tends to block drains. The possibility of damaging windscreens can still occur with rock salt but is reduced by keeping the size down to 6mm.

I don't think car manufacturers are responsible for rock salt being used, but I imagine they might be in favour of it as the salt-induced corrosion damage (eg to the coil suspension springs) generally increases the likelihood of people scrapping old cars.

I heard today that Gloucestershire county council are unable to get hold of any rock salt and have bought 500 tonnes of table salt to put on roads.

Re: Re: Re: Grit

On the other hand, our local Tesco had plenty of bagged rock salt and had used it generously to keep their car-park safe.

There is a message here somewhere.
Obviously Tesco has more regard for its customers than councils for their rate payers.
Maybe it has to do with choice. We can spend our money at any supermarket we like but we don't have a choice about which council we pay (except by moving) and none in how much we pay.

I don't believe Tesco has a final salary pension scheme. Could that be it?