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Re: Re: Let's grit again

Snow tires do work, but I have never sought them out. I lived in Idaho Falls for 7 years where it snows enough to almost be worth it, but the amazing thing about places that stay cold for a long time is that you don't really need snow tires. It is the places where the temperature roller coasters above and below freezing on a regular basis that road conditions get really nasty. Snow turns to slush turns to a rutty mess.

In Washington (Puget Sound) we had a huge influx of snow. I didn't go to work for a week. The main roads they kept clear, but they didn't have enough equipment to clear everything before the next snow fell. The snow hung around for a couple of weeks. Everything got back to normal and the snow was gone. I still didn't buy snow tires or even put chains on. I just drove at a reasonable speed and avoided steep hills, of which their are several.

People were in an uproar here also, wondering why their streets hadn't been cleared yet. Most people don't realize how much it takes to clear all the roads in a county. There are a lot of roads. It takes time. If you can't get to all of them before the next snow falls, your SOL, because the main streets are going to be plowed first.

I must reiterate what everyone else has. If we can predict what is going to happen 50 years from now, Why the heck don't we predict what is going to happen 6 months from now. Whenever I suggest this, they refuse to answer me, the believers in the scientific community. Either that or they say that predicting climate isn't about predicting weather! This from people whose maths skills are infinitely better than mine-- who understand integration really well, yet they fail to see that climate is the integral of weather.

Oh well. I will try to keep muttering inanities like "USE YOUR MODEL TO PREDICT the near future!", "Make a prediction, see if it matches reality!", "Make sure you know what your boundary conditions are". "Show me a computer model which predicts something well, that doesn't have well defined boundary conditions!"

Black helicopters seem to be hovering outside my window!

Re: Let's grit again

The problem is that people do have faith in these long term weather predictions (hence my saying the mistake was made by the raindancers failing to predict the winter, rather than the bureaucrats failing to take the prediciton with a tonne of salt). If they didn't, they might have bought a bit more grit!