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JB quoted in Senate?

Re: JB quoted in Senate?

I read the link, I didn't see him mentioned anywhere. Could you be specific about where in the page he was quoted? I did a Ctrl-F search and couldn't find anything either.

Re: Re: JB quoted in Senate?


Try the second page (press "next record")--about the eighth paragraph.


Re: JB quoted in Senate?

An excellent quote by our host!

Re: JB quoted in Senate?

It seems to me we should treat the Copenhagen conference and the utterances of the AGWs as a good sign.
Across the water is the ICCC conference and there is every sign that having woken up to the dangers of the AGWs the initiative is passing to the "deniers" and this is recognised by the AGWs.
The AGW response is foolish. They have thrown caution to the winds and instead of minor increases in temperature and despite the "30 year" interruption (cooling and isn't that what it is really about, warming then cooling then warming again but never the runaway scenario they try to paint)there prediction grow wilder... European deserts, 1 meter sea level rises, polar bears extinct etc etc.
The trouble is that while their more modest claims had some degree of possible credibility (yet the latest poll shows that more people than ever thinks the claims "exaggerated") their latest more alarming claims pass them into the realms of utter disbelief or, far worse, for them, into that area where if we thought it was difficult to combat what previously was claimed, this is now impossible so why bother. Also, from being tomorrow, it is now 30 years plus in the future.... i.e not our problem and no longer something we can do anything about.
Of course, the wilder their claims the easier they will be to refute and the more easily they will be discredited.
Time for Al Gore to hand back his prize?
Time for Hansen to be prosecuted by someone for the political position he took as reported in the Minority report link.