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Re: Re: A perfect precis of our underlying economic problems from the 'Ferraris For All' Blog

You can apply the same reasoning to education, I think.

They are constantly talking about education reform over here (USA).

The answers seem to always involve extra testing requirements, extra paperwork for teachers, extra people needed to handle the extra paperwork created by both, not helping the student one iota by making him more educated.

If you want to improve education and the economy, it requires faith in the individual. It is easy to say "I trust myself". It is much harder to say "I trust my neighbor". It is almost impossible to say "I trust that piece of white trash living in the trailer".

In the end though, making everything better requires us to start trusting that person, who for all intents and purposes, appears the idiot, to take care of himself.

Okay, now I look like a heartless ******* again.